The older the unmarried sister is, the harder it is for her to get married?

Question: The older the unmarried sister gets, the more disgusting character she will have and the more difficult it is for her to get married?

Answered by Nadezhda Ulyanenko:

There is such a book – “Call to courage.” I read it for the first time, probably 11 and maybe even more years ago. It describes different women who served God and had good ministries.

In general, I read this book. Then Sonya was still about a year old, and my son was six. I sat and told my husband: “I want to accomplish something great.” I read the book, the book is very good, very motivating. I repeated: “I want to accomplish something great.” My husband looked at me attentively and said: “Nadia, what do you want to accomplish? You have two small children… “

There is a very good story in this book. Personally, it really inspired me. It is a story about a woman who, if I’m not mistaken, she was from Denmark. She was a teacher. This woman prayed and felt the Lord’s call to go on a mission trip. She did not have a husband, so her husband was neither for nor against it. She did not know where to go, and began to pray, but the Lord did not tell her which city she should go to. And she bought a ticket for such a cruise ship to Asia, which had the most stops. She went ashore in Hong Kong …

The essence of the story. Maybe for someone it will sound like a verdict, but for someone it will be just a strong motivation – she served in Hong Kong for 25 years. And what really surprised and inspired me, in any case, I learned that this can also happen in life – she was a white woman, and this is generally not typical for Asia, and she served different people of the risk category. She served various gangs, prostitutes, drug addicts and alcoholics. She described how she just walked around in this city, came home and cried, because she did not know what to do and how she could help all these people. From the need that she saw, her soul and heart were simply torn.

For 25 years of service, she created a whole network of different rehabilitation centers. She got married 25 years later.

For me personally, this was a very strong testimony. Someone might think that I feel good because I am married, but for me it was a strong encouragement because I read it and turns out that this is possible. She served in such a difficult city. A white woman. A foreigner. And her life was directed towards such a good cause. And she got married only 25 years later. But she did get married.

I mean that lives are different. It may be a blessing for someone – just don’t be afraid! – not to get married. The Scripture says there is such a blessing. Different things happen in life. If a person is not married, it still should not be considered as a verdict. If someone is married do not take this also as a sentence. Both married and unmarried people have the opportunity to be happy.

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