The other day I read the Gospel

It is something. Note, brother, how everything collapsed! Neither Marx nor Lenin are quoted. Even Putin does not understand what is happening. Suddenly, everyone is against everyone. And darkness over the abyss.
And only the Gospel, the light in the darkness. Thank you Lord.

And here’s the story. The Pharisees, the elite of Israel, like our Politbyro, the country is in their hands. They compose an ideology. They decide who lives and who dies. And here is Christ. Heals. Resurrects. Feeds. Obviously, the ambassador of Heaven! But the Pharisees do not ask permission. Moreover, He always criticizes them. Naturally, the Pharisees grumble.

Luke 15:2: “The Pharisees and the scribes murmured, saying, He receives sinners and eats with them.”

And I became interested. Why?

Jesus didn’t argue. He told parables. All, in fact, about one thing.
There are successful people. They have it all. They are rich. Healthy. Successful. As we say, they’ve got it all!
But there are poor people. Outcasts. Cast out or lost.
And everyone seems to understand who is valuable and who is trash.
Jesus offered three images. It is obvious that both shepherds and numismatists and fathers understand. The lost sheep. The lost coin from the collection. The lost son. And what made me tense? The herd is in place. All are intact, just think, one black sheep is gone…. But Jesus tells, turning every listener into an accomplice. Who among you does not leave the ninety-nine and go looking for the lost one? And finding it rejoices!
It’s the same with a lost coin, it’s like from a set of jewelry, only one coin is lost, and the entire collection loses its value and meaning.
That is why, putting aside all the affairs, the lover of the collection carefully searches for the lost drachma. And finding it rejoices.
Luke 15:7: “I tell you that there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous ones who have no need of repentance.”
The story of the son is so real that everyone who listened to Jesus bit their tongue and lips, experiencing a personal tragedy, both as a prodigal son and as a father. And who as the eldest son. Read the 15th chapter of the Gospel of Luke. You will cry.
I also experienced something. Still in trance.
What did Jesus discover with His story?
We are in our barn, depicting joy when there is only one sheep left. Ninety-nine have fled, got lost, and we don’t care about them. We are not looking for them. We hate them. We condemn them.
One sheep does not cause any concern at all. There is no regret. No sympathy. There is no attempt to find it.
There is condemnation. And a curse. Of course, there are attempts to find. At least once, or even twice, they give an ultimatum to the erring one. So. Come, repent publicly. Then a year or two we’ll look after you. And maybe we will. But Jesus paints a different picture. So if I were painting a picture! He’s right here in front of me. Left the heavens! He turned into an ordinary person. And went to the dens. Became a beggar. Became homeless. No regalia. Became an exile. Nowhere to sleep. Everywhere they go. They’re trying to kill Him. And He? He is looking for the missing person. I came to seek and save the lost. And the question arises. Well, is this scum, perishing in the wilds of depravity, really so dear to Heaven? Really? After all, in our thoughts we burn the whole earth in the flames of hell, and we burn it with pleasure ….
Of course, any generalization is fraught with inaccuracy, distorts the truth.
But I share what I experienced reading the word of God.
Heaven is deeply interested in finding and saving the lost! The heaven is in pain, the heaven is losing its fullness, the heaven is losing its peace because of some bastard?!
And this bastard turns out to be something! He is dear to heaven! The Father is looking for him! The Father is waiting for him! After him, after this bastard, God the Father sent His Son to redeem, save and adopt him…
Yes! No! I am still far from the Kingdom of God.
Perhaps I am in this crowd of Pharisees, in beautiful shoes, in an ironed shirt, decorated with a tie, and smeared with oil on my face.
With the soul of a selfish egoist.
And something twitched inside.
Jesus, are you looking for me? May I follow You.
I will become poor. I will cry. I will search for the truth.
For those who weep are blessed. And the poor are blessed.
For theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.

By Yurii Sipko / Facebook

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