The story of Brother Andrew

The path chosen by Brother Andrew is impressive. He has smuggled Bibles into Eastern Europe in the 1950s, launched the Open Doors ministry to serve the persecuted church, and written one of the best-selling Christian books, The Smuggler of the Word.

Brother Andrew is often described as the founder of the Open Doors minstry. This can give you a misleading picture of a brother dressed in a suit in a meeting room. But this picture is far from the truth. In fact, Brother Andrew is an adventurer and a risk taker. He is best known for bravely putting his life at risk during the Cold War by smuggling Bibles behind the Iron Curtain.

“Dear Lord,” Brother Andrew recalls praying, “What shall I do?”

While praying, Brother Andreas had a bold idea.

The way open by God

One of Brother Andrew’s favorite stories dates back to the early years of his career. Brother Andrew approached the Romanian border in a car loaded with illegal Bibles. He could only hope that the border guards would not pay attention to him and that he would be able to cross the border calmly.

The border guards stopped the car in front of him. The owners were told to empty the car for inspection. Each car was ordered to be emptied before Brother Andrew’s car. The inspection of the fourth car took the longest. The border guard checked the car for an hour, removing the dust shields, engine and seats.

“Dear Lord,” Brother Andrew recalls praying, “What shall I do?” While praying, Brother Andrew had a bold idea. “It simply came to our notice then. Would I dare to pray for a miracle? I will take out some Bibles and make them visible. “Such an idea was to be the wisdom of God and not of Himself. And Andrew did it.

The border guard told Andrew to move on. “I gave him my paper and I was going to get out of the car. However, the guard’s knee was against the door and the door did not open. “Something almost unbelievable happened. The guard checked Brother Andrew’s passport and suddenly signaled for him to drive forward. “It didn’t take more than 30 seconds,” he recalls. Brother Andrew started the engine and began to move, wondering if he needed to drive forward and stop to check the car.

“I drove quietly, ready to stop. Nothing happened. I looked in the rearview mirror and saw how the guard stopped the next car and called the driver out of the car. “

God had paved the way for Brother Andrew to smuggle the Bibles to Christians who do not have access to the Word.

The word smuggler and everyone’s brother

Brother Andrew’s work continued for several decades in various places. This situation on the Romanian border became one of many tense situations.

Along the way, Brother Andrew even developed a prayer that became a trademark for crossing the border in smuggling:

“Lord, I have Bibles in my suitcase that I want to take with your children. When you were on earth, you made a blind man see. Now I pray that the seers will be blinded. Don’t let the guards see what you don’t want them to see. “

God had paved the way for brother Andrew so that he could smuggle the Bible to Christians who do not have access to the Word.

Because of his dangerous adventures, brother Andreas was nicknamed the Word Smuggler, which also became the title of his best-selling book. The book has sold over 10 million copies and has been translated into 35 different languages.

However, bold border crossings or famous books are not the only things that inspire people with Brother Andrew. Many are impressed by the opposite. Brother Andrew is interesting because it is easy to identify with him. During his travels around the world, he became “the brother of all,” because he always met his brothers’ followers of Christ.

An ordinary person called by God

In the life of Brother Andrew — in courage, vision, risk, and sorrow — we also see our stories. Reading of him, we can rejoice that God used an ordinary person. His story reminds us that God can use us in an unusual way.

If Brother Andrew were to talk to us, he would probably encourage us in the same way as many in the past: “The Bible is full of ordinary people who went to impossible places and performed miracles simply because they chose to follow Jesus.”

“True calling is not a place or a career, but daily obedience. This call applies to all Christians — not just a select few, ” Brother Andreas said.

Inspired by Brother Andrew, many ordinary people have begun to support persecuted Christians. In part, their investment to Open Doors has multiplied.

Today, Open Doors has offices and staff around the world and works to help persecuted believers in more than 60 countries. Through Open Doors supporters, they smuggle Bibles into places that are anti-religious. In addition, they will pass on Brother Andrew’s legacy, his faith, for decades to come.

Open Doors is a movement inspired by Brother Andrew. And we who are like Andrew welcome all the followers of Christ to join us in our work. We hope you will join this generation’s brother Andreas!

“True calling is not a place or a career, but daily obedience. This call applies to all Christians — not just a select few, ”Brother Andreas said.