The trap of love without truth and truth without love

I am was always surrounded by people who have a mess in their life. But it doesn’t scare me – there is even more chaos in my life.

You also should not be surprised to communicate with such people, because they, like you and I, also go to church. Of course, some manage to hide it, but not for long – depression, anxiety, illness, addiction, doubt, self-doubt, pride, violence, prejudice, poverty take their toll. Getting to know a person means getting to know his life.

Whatever the reason for the disorder in a person’s life, God always finds a way to help him grow further. All of His ways affect each of us: sometimes I have to rebuke you, then you have to rebuke me. This applies to everyone – not just pastors, missionaries or Bible teachers. God calls us to serve our neighbor even when we ourselves are still growing.

But in order to be able to serve despite the surrounding devastation, we must possess two talents: to love and to speak the truth. Loving in a cunning way is like driving an Uber.Taxi without knowing the city: you have turned on the seat heating, air conditioning, pleasant music for the passenger, but you do not understand where you are taking him. And now he finds himself even further from the place where he wanted to go, and who is to blame for this?

This is exactly what happens in the spirit world, when we do not tell a friend the whole truth – in the end, he will be even more lost in sins and heresies. You cannot be nice, polite and caring in small things and not help a person understand his search for God. God’s truth and good news is the only source of wisdom, truth, hope, joy so that we can change in this chaos. To love while holding back what is needed is wrong. We will not help each other grow up without going beyond polite courtesy. We must love with courage and wisdom, without hiding the truth from a friend.

On the other hand, truth without love is also like a taxi ride, but in the opposite proportion. Imagine that you have a taxi driver who knows the city perfectly, but he does not care at all about you: the 1973 car is filled to the top with garbage, the seatbelt is broken and the driver is driving at an incredible speed, starting and stopping without warning, andyou are are ready to jump out at the first corner, because just a little more and either the heart or the stomach will fail. At the same time, with or without you, but the driver will reach the desired spot.

This is what quoting the Bible in and out of place is like. This is why too many people believe that the Bible is irrelevant – how can it seem relevant when served without love? The very verse “all things work together for good to those who have been called according to His will” (Romans 8:28) is undoubtedly true, but is it necessary for a wounded person, for example, to hear it? Not always.

Another good way to compromise the Bible is to quote it without validation. Many people need not just words, but a living example of spiritual influence on a person. I think that is why in the original the 15th verse of Ephesians 4th chapter, where the apostle Paul encourages us to grow spiritually, is indicated the phrase “ἀληΘεύω ἐν ἀγάπη” (to be truthful, while loving)  – that is, for us to grow, honesty is required of us … and much more than just honesty …

by Scott Mel /