The UN General Assembly is close to adopting a resolution declaring abortion a “human right”

Delegates to the United Nations General Assembly are finalizing negotiations on a resolution that would require all UN agencies to declare abortion a human right.

According to The Christian Post, the resolution may be the result of pressure from the European Union and the administration of US President Biden.
The resolution contains language on abortion that has been reportedly vehemently rejected in other resolutions in past years.

If adopted, the document would commit governments to “ensure access to safe abortion” and “ensure the promotion and protection of the human rights of all women and their sexual and reproductive health.”

This wording did not suit all the delegates, in particular, the Japanese diplomat leading the negotiations spoke out against changing the wording, but the objections of the delegates are not yet able to stop the desire of a number of states to change this wording.
Abortion is not currently an internationally recognized human right and includes the proviso “where such services are permitted by law.”

“The European Union and the US government are trying to undermine the long-standing consensus of the General Assembly that abortion is an issue that should be decided at the national level without outside interference from the United Nations,” said Stefano Gennarini, vice president of legal affairs.

Thus, it can be assumed with a high degree of certainty that the US administration is the initiator of such changes.

After the US Supreme Court overturned the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision on June 24 this year, which recognized the right to abortion as constitutional, the issue of allowing or prohibiting abortion is regulated by each state independently. As a result, a number of states have already banned or significantly restricted access to abortion.

The Biden administration is not happy with this state of affairs, so if there is no way to change the court’s decision at the country level, they decided to do it at the UN level.

Source: Генассамблея ООН близка к принятию резолюции, объявляющей аборт «правом человека» – ВО СВЕТЕ (