Theologian Tim Keller faces a new course of cancer treatment. He asked for support in prayer

Theologian and best-selling author Tim Keller continues to battle cancer and faces a new course of treatment. He asked Christians to pray because the last course of immunotherapy was “pretty brutal.”

Pastor Tim Keller is undergoing immunotherapy after learning he had new tumors, inVictory Christian Megaportal reports, citing Christian Today.

The popular writer and theologian battled stage 4 pancreatic cancer for nearly three years. He shared his health update on Facebook, where he said he would be returning to the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Maryland for a “variation” on the immunotherapy he did there last June.

Last year’s immunotherapy successfully eradicated “99%” of the tumors, he said, but now new ones have emerged and need targeted treatment.

“Unfortunately, they are in some pretty uncomfortable places, so the doctors advised us to go through the treatment again, this time targeting a different genetic marker for cancer,” he said.

Keller asks Christians to pray for him because the last course of immunotherapy was “pretty brutal.”

“Please pray for our trust and dependence on God, for His providential oversight of the medical preparations now in progress, and for our desire to glorify God in everything that comes our way. Thank you,” he said.

Keller recently said that cancer has changed his prayer life.

“We believe that God is in control, but we don’t fully accept it until life proves to us that we can’t do anything on our own,” said the bestselling author. “It is in these moments of pain that people begin to truly believe that God exists and He is omnipotent.”

Keller added that today he is happier than ever. He explained that thanks to his illness, he learned to notice the blessings of God and enjoys prayer like never before.

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