“This is not the Vatican!”: German Minister of Culture demands to erase a biblical quote

German Minister of Culture Claudia Roth insists on dismantling the quotation from the Bible from the facade of the Berlin City Palace. “This is not the Vatican!” – said the official, nominated for the main cultural post of the country from the ultra-liberal Green Party.

The Berlin City Palace is a remake and a replica of the main residence of the Prussian kings and German emperors. After the storming of Berlin in 1945, the royal palace was badly damaged, and in 1950 the authorities of the German Democratic Republic demolished the ruins. In 1976, the Palace of the Republic was erected on this site, where the People’s Chamber of the GDR met, but this building was also dismantled after the absorption of the GDR by West Germany. In 2002, a decision was made to partially recreate the former Berlin Palace. In 2008, the design competition was won by the Italian architect Franco Stella; construction began in 2012.

Today, the object bearing the name of the German Enlightenment scientist Alexander Humboldt is ready. The complex houses a museum of non-European art. On the facade under the dome, on which the cross stands, a historical inscription is recreated, which is a fragment from Philippians 2:10: “…  at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven, on earth and under the earth…” and Acts 4:12: “… for there is no other name under heaven given to men, by which we must be saved.”

It was this inscription that angered the new minister of culture, Roth. She told reporters:
“The inscription must now be contextualized by the Humboldt Forum (organization in charge of the Berlin City Palace). This is the minimum, I think. [Because of the inscription] a claim to dominance is formulated and that simply is a deterrent. The Humboldt Forum is not the Vatican!”

The Humboldt Forum itself has already disowned the biblical quote. The organization said that “all institutions of the forum directly distance themselves from the claims of Christianity as the sole legality and sovereignty that the inscription expresses.”

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«Это вам не Ватикан!»: министр культуры ФРГ потребовала стереть цитату из Библии – ВО СВЕТЕ (inlight.news)