True value

True value is something that cannot be determined by material wealth. For example, how highly would we value our two eyes, arms or legs? Is 10 million Polish zlots enough?

And yet we have other treasures like love, friendship, our hopes, the people we love, our faith and above all our lives, without which we would have nothing. How grateful we should be to God that we live in this world at all. And it doesn’t matter what skin color, what abilities, whether with one or two legs or lame or deaf or hearing and seeing. We should be thankful here and now, for the hope that is in God. It doesn’t matter what we lack, because God can provide us with everything. If not here, then certainly in the next life, in eternity. A lot depends on whether our hearts are healthy and our thinking is clear. A simple poem written by an unknown author reveals the broad dimension of this fact:

I saw a beautiful blonde girl on the bus today.

I was jealous of her because she was so cheerful and I wanted to be like her.

She suddenly got up to get out and then I saw her limping.

She had one leg and she walked on crutches

and as she passed me she smiled at me.

Dear God, forgive me when I complain.

I have two legs and the world is mine!

And then I stopped to buy some candy;

the boy who sold them was so happy.

I spoke to him and he seemed very pleased

– as if nothing bad had happened.

And when I left he said to me:

“Thank you for being so kind. It’s nice to talk to someone like you. You see, I am blind.”

Dear God, forgive me when I complain.

I have two eyes and the world is mine!

While walking along the street, I saw a small child with beautiful blue eyes.

He just stood and watched the other kids play.

He didn’t seem to know what to do with himself.

I stopped for a moment and asked:

“Why don’t you go and play with them?”

He looked ahead without saying a word,

and then I realized that this child is deaf.

Dear God, forgive me when I complain.

I have two ears and the world is mine!

I have legs that can take me anywhere.

I have eyes that see the sun

I have ears to hear what I should.

Dear God, forgive me when I complain.

After all, You bless me and the world is mine!

Source: Ryszard Mika | Facebook

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