Two stones

Two stones lay near the shore – two inseparable and old friends. For days on end they basked in the rays of the southern sun and seemed to be happy that the sea roars faraway and does not disturb their calm and peaceful comfort.

But one day, when a storm broke out on the sea, the friendship of two friends ended: one of them was picked up by a wave and carried away into the sea. Another stone, clinging to a rotten stump, managed to stay on the shore and for a long time could not recover from fear. But when he calmed down a bit, he found again new friends. They were old, dry and cracked clods of clay. From morning to evening they listened to the stories of the stone about how he had risked his life, how he was in danger during the storm. And, repeating this story to them every day, the stone, in the end, felt like a hero.

Years passed. Under the rays of the hot sun, the stone itself cracked and almost did not differ from its friends – clods of clay. But then the oncoming wave threw a brilliant flint ashore, which had not yet been seen in these parts.

– Hello, buddy! he called to cracked stone.

Old stone was surprised.

“Sorry, I see you for the first time!”

– Oh you! You see me for the first time! Have you forgotten how many years we spent together on this shore before I was swept out to sea?

And he told his old friend what he had to endure in the depths of the sea and how it was still very interesting there.

– Come with me! Flint suggested. “You will see real life, you will know real storms.”

But his friend, cracked stone, looked at the clods of clay, which just at the word “storm” were ready to completely crumble from fear, and said:

— No, it’s not for me. I’m fine here too.

– Well, whatever! – Flint jumped on a wave and sped off into the sea.

For a long time, everyone on the beach was silent. At last the cracked stone said:

– Lucky one and see now he has become arrogant. Was it worth risking my life for him? Where is the truth? Where’s the justice?

And clods of clay agreed with him that there is no justice in life.

Source: Два камня. Притча от Феликса Кривина. (