Ukraine recognized chaplaincy as an official profession

The Ukrainian National Agency for Qualifications has officially registered applications for the development of professional standards for chaplains and chaplain assistants working in the field of healthcare.

Thus, chaplaincy has been officially recognized in Ukraine as a profession and an important component of spiritual and psychological support for patients, Christian Megaportal inVictory reports with reference to and the Ministry of Health.

The developer of the standards will be the NGO “Association of Chaplains in Healthcare of Ukraine”, and the working group for the development of draft standards will include representatives of different faiths and the Ministry of Health.

The department noted that the development is planned to be completed no later than February 2024.

In addition, the Ministry of Health has developed draft orders for the approval of the specialty “clinical pastor” and the start of cycles of specialization and thematic improvement in this specialty.

A draft Regulation on chaplaincy activities in the health sector has also been developed. The Ministry of Health expects these orders to be approved soon.

Source: Украина признала капелланство официальной профессией | Новости inVictory