Ukrainian pastor and famous blogger Oleg Bokov refused to evacuate the country

The well-known Christian blogger and pastor of the Upstream.Church church, Oleg Bokov, took his family out of Ukraine, but he himself remained, although, as a father of many children, he could leave the country with his family.

“They left the borders of our country … Temporarily (!). And only my beloved wife and children…” the minister wrote on his Instagram account. — Yes, I stayed in Ukraine. Although I could freely leave as the father of a large family. And, believe me, I am not saying that I am now a hero because  I stayed here. On the contrary, I have never had such doubts when choosing …

It’s easier because this is our common choice with Masha … in the sense that we both understand that my calling is here now. Outside of Ukraine, I will not be able to do the work that God calls to do in my native country in this difficult time.”

The minister expressed the hope that this separation would not last long, but specified that if the fighting did not stop within three months, he would try to break out and join with his family.

“I don’t specifically add a single emoji in this post, since none of them will convey my true emotions. I know that you, Sweetheart, and, perhaps, our children will read this text, so I do not dramatize but end on the maximum positive:

I love you very much. Thank God we can stay in touch online. It makes me happy and relaxed when I know that you are safe. See you soon!

P.S.: Yes, perhaps this is the only photo where our smiles are not fully combined with our inner emotions. But everything will turn out well. Please pray for us.”

Earlier, Oleg Bokov urged Christians not to remain silent about what is happening in Ukraine.

Source: Украинский пастор и известный блогер Олег Боков отказался эвакуироваться из страны – ВО СВЕТЕ (