Vienna police warn of a possible “Islamist attack” on churches and houses of worship

On March 15, the police of the capital of Austria issued an alarming warning to the public: Islamists may attack churches and other places of worship.

As part of what authorities called “precautionary measures”, police on Wednesday announced increased security in response to “intelligence received by the state intelligence service”.

The corresponding official announcement reads in part: “Intelligence services have a reason to believe that an Islamist-motivated attack is being planned in Vienna” and “the presence of regular and special police forces is being strengthened as a precaution.”

The authorities have not disclosed which churches may be targeted.

It’s also unclear how long the increased police presence will last, with police officials saying: “We cannot predict how long these measures will last at this time.”

According to The Christian Post.

Source: Police of Vienna warn about a possible “attack of Islamists” on churches and prayer houses – ВО СВЕТЕ (