“Voice of Martyrs-Korea” started distributing Christmas packages to the children of persecuted Christians

After delivering 100 packages of food rations and Bibles to Christians living in famine in the war-torn Tigray region of Northern Ethiopia this week, “Voice of Martyrs Korea” has started distributing Christmas packages for 2022, reports the Christian megaportal invictory with reference to the service’s press center.

According to Dr. Hyun-sook Foley, spokesperson for “Voice of Martyrs-Korea”, the project will deliver packages to Christian children suffering for their faith in eight countries selected by the organization by the beginning of 2023 at the latest.

“Last year, with the help of our donors, we raised money and distributed over 1,700 Christmas packages,” says Foley’s spokesperson. “This year we have pledged to more than double that number and distribute a total of 3,800 packages to Christians children suffering in China, Russia, Ukraine, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Laos, Uzbekistan and wherever North Korean Christians live.”

“So far, money has been collected and sent to buy 3,200 Christmas kits,” said spokesperson Foley . “There are 600 left to finance and ship at 65,000 won (about $50) per package. The fund-raising project “Christmas packages” will be carried out by the organization until December 31.”

Spokesman Foley says that the contents of each package are locally sourced and tailored to the needs and preferences of local believers. The kits, which usually contain food and hygiene items as well as a children’s Bible or Christian book, will be distributed between now and early 2023 by partners and frontline workers who will identify children who can receive packages through the project. Spokesman Foley says that in some countries, local believers and front-line ministers are handing out a small number of packages at outreach events aimed at unbelieving children.

According to spokesperson Foley, the Christmas package project is different from the humanitarian aid offered by larger churches and international organizations.

“We distribute packages in war zones and where Christians are actively persecuted,” he says. “You can’t fill a plane or a truck with supplies, take them to places like this and just unload them.” He notes that clerics have to transport most of the money to manually buy the contents of the parcels. The contents of the packages must then either be purchased domestically, often secretly, or imported without attracting the attention of the authorities. Finally, distribution itself is often a completely covert operation.

“In many ways, getting even one package to these places is as wonderful as getting Santa down the chimney, but it’s even harder, more dangerous and more time-consuming,” he says. “Distributing a package requires creative thinking, prayer, patience, and troubleshooting, from Korea to the seven countries we’ll be delivering packages this year.”

But he noted that the joy of a persecuted or suffering Christian child who receives an unexpected Christmas gift is worth all the effort.

“These are countries where Christians are besieged, persecuted or tortured, especially because of their faith,” he says. “The children of these countries know that their only hope is Christ. When they receive a package from Christians in other countries, they know that even though they may be hated in their village, city or country, they remain part of the global Body of Christ that has not forgotten them.”

Spokesman Foley  reports this week of the first 100 parcels being distributed in Tigray, northern Ethiopia, are particularly encouraging.

“My team and I from “Voice of the Martyrs Korea” have taught many times in these villages, in buildings that no longer exist because of the war,” he says. “We broke bread with the believers and their children who are now literally starving. International charities were unable to provide them with the food they needed. Banks are closed there. Internet is not working. Roads are closed. Drones kill civilians. But we prayed that the Lord would open the way to take food items and children’s Bibles to the believers who asked for it in the villages, then the Lord prepared the way. It is extremely difficult to send even one package there, but we have already distributed a hundred and thanks to the generosity of donors and the grace of the Lord, we will distribute another 400 packages in the next month.”

According to spokesperson Foley, there are similar plans for six other countries, where “Voice of the Martyrs Korea” will distribute the planned 3 800 Christmas packages this year, if donations allow it. “This year, packages will be delivered to war zones not only in Ethiopia and Eritrea, but also in Ukraine and Russia. China is on lockdown due to COVID. Reaching out to North Koreans everywhere is always difficult, and in Laos and Uzbekistan many Christians do not fully understand the limitations facing local believers. But with each such group, the Lord opens amazing “underground doors” for us. Every Christmas package we deliver is a miracle.”

Source: «Голос мучеников-Корея» начал раздачу рождественских посылок детям преследуемых христина | News in Victory