Wake up to seriousness!

What does it mean to awaken to seriousness? What does this mean for a disciple of Christ?

What does it mean to take life seriously?

In 1 Cor. 15:34 it is written: “Sober up (in the Norwegian Bible translation – wake up to seriousness) as you should, and do not sin!” What does it mean to wake up to seriousness or, as it is written here, to sober up (in Estonian Bible) as you should?

Awakening to seriousness means being serious about doing all of God’s Word, being vigilant when it comes to fulfilling God’s Word in every area of ​​your life.

Taking life seriously does not mean that we should put on a mask of seriousness. It won’t do any good. Do not confuse seriousness with gloominess or with a serious facial expression. A person can be serious in the midst of fun, and he can be serious even at a party.

Live according to the light that you received

Seriousness means to live according to the light that we have received, to strive for more. God gave us His commandments for us to keep. Only then is sanctification, growth and development in goodness possible. Then comes the seriousness!

Paul clearly saw the seriousness of life! In the Acts of Ap. 20:31 it is written that he exhorted them with tears day and night. The five wise virgins took life very seriously. The foolish virgins were also with them, but, unfortunately, they did not take life with the same seriousness, and therefore they could not meet the bridegroom. (Mat. 25:1-13)

Act according to the promptings of God

For example, when we feel compelled to share or confess something, and do it immediately, without delay, then we take life seriously. Then we don’t let feelings or reason interfere with us. When we act without delay, then we take life seriously.

Noah built the ark in faith. If he had chosen not to build it, it would have been his destruction. The ark became his life. In the same way, we must choose when God works in us: life or death.

Noah also understood that he had to do his job with extreme precision in order for the ark to float. And we, too, must work with fear and trembling for our own salvation, as written in Phil. 2:12. This is also a serious attitude to life!

The Word of God is seriousness

There are many things we can test ourselves with – whether we take life seriously enough or not. The Word of God concerns you and me personally. And if we reject It, It can serve us to eternal damnation. Judgment awaits us according to what we have heard, so we should take this very seriously. The Word of God is seriousness. In the Word, God laid down His plan of salvation for us, if we’re serious in our hearts.

Food for thought

I know I take life seriously when I…

live according to the light that I received
longing for the fullness of God
diligently fulfilling the Word of God
act immediately, then God prompts me to do something without delay
do the work of God with precision
I take the Word of God seriously.

This article is based on a sermon by Kore Y. Smith on February 4, 2019.

Source: Пробудись к серьёзности! (aktivnoyekhristianstvo.ru)


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