We die with gratitude

Chiu-Chin-Hsiu and Ho-Hsiu-Tsu.

Jiangxi, China.

Cultural revolution 1966-1969.

Two Christian girls were waiting to be executed in the prison yard. A fellow prisoner who watched them from the cell window said that their faces were pale, but their faith made them beautiful, they were infinitely sad, but at the same time sweet. Or to put it more simply, they were afraid. But Chiu-Chin-Hsiu and Ho-Hsiu-Tzu were determined to go to death and not deny their faith.

Accompanied by defector guards, the executioner appeared with a revolver in his hand. It was their own pastor! He had been sentenced to die with the two girls, but like so many times before, he had been influenced and enticed by the persecutors. They promised to let him go if he shot the girls and he agreed.

The girls whistled to each other and bowed reverently before the pastor. One of them said: “Before you kill us, allow us to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you have given us. You baptized us, You taught us the way to eternal life and with the same hands You are now preparing to shoot us, you gave us communion.

You taught us that Christians are sometimes weak and commit terrible sins, but they can be forgiven later. If you regret what you did, don’t despair like Judas did, but repent like Peter. God bless you and know that our last thought is not your condemnation. Everyone has their moments of darkness.

May God reward you for all the good you have done for us. We will die with gratitude.”

They bowed once more.

But the pastor’s heart was turned to stone and he shot the girls and killed them.

Later, the communists shot him too.

Excerpt from Voice of the martyrs “Jesus Freaks.”

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