What else can I do to get G-d to send me a soul mate?


I have been unable to find a marriage for a very long time. I seek, meet, and ask God to send me my destiny, but so far to no avail.

What else can I do so that Gd hears me and sends me my soul mate?

Thank you,


Answered by Rika Gdalevich

Hello N.

You write that you have been praying for a long time that Gd would send you a wife (“a second half”), that Gd does not hear you and ask what this could be connected with.

Why do you think that God does not hear you? Just because you don’t get what you ask for?

Or maybe He does not consider your request timely? Maybe He specifically gives you time to mature, grow spiritually or professionally, become more responsible, learn to take care of other people, which is necessary when building a family?

Maybe G-d (for Whom there are no categories of space and time) sees that at this stage of your life you might like a girl who will not bring you happiness and will make you later blush for your choice. But that in a few months (?) years (?) you will meet the one with whom you will live in joy all your life …

In short, your job is to pray, find the right mentors for you, grow spiritually, work, study, take care of your appearance and go in for sports.

Don’t despair, everything will be alright!


Rika Gdalevich.