What is an undeserved curse? How does it enter into humanbeings life?

Answer by Boris Grisenko: In analyzing this topic, it is important to look not only at the New Testament, but also at the entire Bible – the Torah, the books of the prophets, and the Proverbs. They help us to understand: what is deserved and what is not.
The term “undeserved curse” refers to the curse with which one person curses another or some persons curses others. And if those curses uttered by other people have no Biblical basis, then in fact it is an undeserved curse. This means that if the person against whom the curse is pronounced has not sinned against those who cursed him or sinned directly and defiantly against God.

Another thing is when a person has sinned and the curse is based on his sins (especially if he has sinned against the one who curses him).

Of course, as New Testament believers, we should not curse anyone. But what about non-believers or representatives of other religions who do it completely freely …

In the congregation, in the course of counseling and helping people, we encountered situations where the curse literally hit not only the cursed but also his descendants. Or when the person who deserved a curse did not suffer, but this curse fell on his children, for example.

Here is one such an example.

We were called to a family where a small child was constantly ill with all kinds of illnesses – after one recovery he got sick with another disease.

And when we prayed for him, it was specifically said that the curse was murder, through his father (of whom we knew nothing at all). And then for lunch, a father came home – a handsome, strong, healthy, young man who had a good job and took care of his family.

We started questioning him, there was a suspicion that he was in some gang etc. However, it turned out that he was in the special forces that were “cleaning” in Afghanistan. And the mothers of them that were afflicted cried out, saying, Let it come over your sons, and happen with your children.

The most striking examples of a curse striking offspring relate to the murder of civilians, especially Jews; their extradition in time of war; dtalebearers to the NKVD, terrible bloody work in the NKVD.

And more than once we dealt with the descendants of people in whose lives direct and indirect curse was active, after realizing that influence, they repented before God on behalf of their fathers, grandfathers, or grandparents. They repented of the sins they were not guilty of (God did not blame these people), but the consequences of their sins affected, according to Scripture,upto fourth generation after sin.

I will tell you one of the most striking examples of such a curse and its deliverance in my practice.

This incident happened many years ago at a major conference in Lviv. During the break, a Christian woman, who had a child of about ten years, came to us and said: “He has been practically blind since his birth. We prayed, he prayed, but nothing happened. And just before the conference, we learned that my grandfather was a senior police officer in a Jewish ghetto in Lviv and was involved in executions, Jewish executions. And we want to repent. “

And they repented – both mother and son – brought forth the most serious, sincere repentance, and asked the Lord to erase the hereditary curse over this family through the blood of His Son Yeshua’s and deliver them from its grave consequences. Then we prayed for the boy, and he suddenly said, “I see the light!” We continued to pray, and he began to see more and more clearly. Before that he was completely blind.

After the break, they told the people in the hall about it, many were crying and we prayed again. And this woman’s sister, this boy’s aunt, was healed at that very moment! While in the hall, she also repented of his grandfather’s sins.

And then the boy asked me, “Why do you call me a boy? I’m 21 years old.”

I have never been that amazed before in my life his development was stopped at an early age.

That’s how such a miracle happened.

This is one of the most striking examples in my life that shows the reality of the importance of repentance and deliverance not only from our personal sins but also from the curses we have received for the sins of our ancestors.

It can be some kind of illness, constant problems in the family, chronic setbacks (when a person does everything to do something good, but at the last moment everything collapses – and it repeats over and over again). When we help people, we often encounter these cases in the community. And in this regard, the Scriptures can help us understand the manifestations of the curses in this temporary life. But the most terrible curse is, of course, the separation from God.

Boris Grisenko from “The Jewish View: Getting Rid of the Curse”

Source: https://ieshua.org/chto-takoe-nezasluzhennoe-proklyatie-kak-ono-prihodit-v-zhizn-cheloveka.htm

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