What is love?

Yesterday morning, I finally got it.

I’ve been home sick with Covid for the past week. I haven’t left the house, haven’t gotten dressed, barely showered, and definitely didn’t look in the mirror. i’ve been mostly staying in bed, in my pajamas.

Yesterday, Shabbat morning, I was sitting at the table in my pajamas drinking coffee. I felt like a mess. It was then that that my dear husband came and sat next to me.
“We have been together for over 20 years,” he said. “I’ve seen many fancy dressed up versions of Yael. But you know what Yael I love best? The one sitting right here, right now. The early morning, imperfectly perfect, Yael.”
I looked at him with confused eyes.
“I love your hair when its not brushed, flying out of your loose pony tail. I love your sleepy eyes. I love you without makeup,” he said.

His words were so raw. And if I didn’t know, from the deepest places of my soul, that he was telling the truth…I wouldn’t have believed him.

But I know that he truly meant every word. Why? Because THAT is love. We love the imperfections of the other, because its what makes them…unique.

If there is one message that I want to embrace and pass on to my children, myself, and the world…it’s this:
God doesn’t love us despite our imperfections; He loves us because of them.
And that’s how we should love as well. ❤️