Where am I?

Hasidic parable.

Rebbe Hanoch Geneh from Alexander once told the following story:

Once upon a time there lived a very absentminded person. So forgetful that when he woke up in the morning, he could not remember where he had put his clothes the day beforet. It went so far that insomnia began to torment him in the evenings, because he was so afraid that he would not find clothes in the morning.

But one night a wonderful thought struck him. He took a piece of paper, a pen and wrote down nicely whereb he pleaced the clothes before he went to bed. He then put the list on the table at the end of the bed and immediately fell asleep as a baby in the blissful confidence that in the morning he would immediately find everything he needed.

And so it happened. He woke up, took a paper from the table, and began to read where the clothes were:

“The trousers are on the chair.” Aha, here they are, let’s put them on. “The shirt is on the edge of the bed.” Well, we put on thr shirt. “The hat is on the table.” Exactly, let’s also take this…

So in just a few minutes, that person was fully dressed. But suddenly a thought came to him and he was overwhelmed with fear, and he began to read the list again and again, grabbing the items one by one.

“Well, well,” he muttered in despair, “here’s pants, here’s a shirt, here’s a hat… And where am I ?!”

And he began to look for himself. Searched everywhere, searched all the places in the room, but could not find himself.

After pausing for a few seconds, Rebbe concluded, “Each of us is in exactly the same situation.”

Source: https://pritchi.ru/id_3044