Who is Alfred Edersheim and why it is worth reading his book The Life and Age of the Messiah Jesus

Alfred Edersheim wrote his greatest work in 1883. “The Life and Age of the Messiah Jesus” is one of the most famous and important works about the life of Christ. We have gathered brief information about the book and its author.

The first Messianic Jew to preach at Westminster Abbey

Alfred Edersheim was born on March 7, 1825. In Vienna to a very wealthy and rich family. He moved to the highest Jewish circles in Vienna. He was fluent in Latin and spoke Greek, German, French, Hebrew, Hungarian and Italian.

In 1847 he went to study in Budapest. There he was introduced to a number of English-speaking Christian leaders, including the famous Dr. Duncan and his Presbyterian colleagues. Duncan was an ardent Christian who was revered by the Jews for his knowledge of the Hebrew language. He had such a charming personality that Edersheim soon became close friends with him.

Edersheim saw the Messiah in the Lord Yeshua

Through the Holy Spirit he received the divinity of Christ. Realizing His sacrifice and being filled with the peace of God, He wanted to serve Him in all things and for Yeshua to lead his way.

His conversion caused great confusion in the Jewish community, but it did not prevent him from publicly confessing his love for the Lord. For example, he agreed to teach English on the condition that the only textbook is the Bible!

After his baptism, he went to Edinburgh for a theological education. When he returned, he served God in Scotland and England. He was loved as a preacher, most likely the first Messianic Jew to preach at Westminster Abbey. In 1883 he retired and, in connection with his literary and scientific activities, moved to Oxford.

Edersheim has written more than a dozen major works, a number of articles in periodicals and commentaries. His works are of exceptional value because they reflect his view of things from the perspective of an educated Jew and Christian. His most famous books are: “The Life and Age of the Messiah Jesus” and “The Temple. The Priesthood and Service in the Time of Jesus Christ. ”

He later says:

“I can say a lot about Lord Yeshua Mashiach, His power, grace, and love. The biggest thing for me is that He accepted me. Thus, the faith of the most insignificant sinner brought much glory to Christ. ”

Alfred Edersheim died on March 16, 1889.

 5 facts about the book and its author

1. Alfred Edersheim was one of the first Christian scholars to use extensive material from the Jewish tradition to illuminate evangelical history, especially its religious history;

2. The priest, theologian, and preacher Alexander Men used “The Life and Age of the Messiah Jesus” s as a guide in writing the book “The Son of Man”;

3. The book was first published in September 1883. The work was very successful, so in March 1886 a second and then a third edition appeared;

4. Edersheim rejoiced at how well the book was received, except for “one pain.” Ironically, some readers found his book anti-Semitic. There are similar comments today about his descriptions of the Jews and their relationship with Jesus Christ. Edersheim personally denied the accusations: “Any such thought about the Jews and Jesus Christ, who was also a Jew, is terrible, ridiculous, and painful”;

5. In his preface, Edersheim stated, “All my previous work was in fact a preparation for that.”

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