Who is she, an excellent woman, whose name each of us bears

Each of us hides this secret in ourselves. If we do not reveal it or seal it deep in the heart, losing the precious treasure – our heart.

In this raging world, where there is a lot of injustice and despair, betrayal and treason, chaos and disorder, each of us must discover our calling.

You have to take the risk of being different from what circumstances dictate to you. To take the risk of living a 100% inspiring life, writing a new, or long forgotten, story about a Woman who can be both a leader and a servant, a tender mother and a strong partner in life, a feminine, charming wife and a sincere friend, strong and weak at the same time, not perfect and by itself…

The one that is able to look into the future without fear and doubt, breaking out of the shackles of mediocrity and routine, becoming an exception to the rules and customs.

And it doesn’t matter what family or village she is from, rich or poor, independent or codependent, the only thing that matters is that she is a woman who loves, dreams, chooses the right path, remains true to herself and her husband, His destiny and faith, being a blessing in this world and the source of love.

God takes the contrite, crippled and humiliated, puts His probe on her and endows her with Meaning, turning her into a work of art.

Someone looks at it, rejecting the ugliness of someone’s pain. But God takes the pain upon Himself and pours out His healing. Brings out the defiled from the hut of oppression and fear. He takes off the clothes of shame and puts on the glorious clothes of honor and majesty. Endows with strength and authority to shine with divine wisdom, to fragrant with His gifts, to bear fruit With His glory.

And what difference does it make: what your environment thinks about your past?

What is the significance of human words if God himself signed your Book of Life and put His seal: Worthy to be My Son and Daughter!

Svetlana Spivakova im-woman.info