Who Is This Coming Out of the Desert?

Today we are celebrating the feast of Purim. We can read about the feast in the book of Esther. Who is Esther? She was a Jewish girl whom the Lord used to save His people.

In the book of Esther we read about Vashti and Esther, both wives of King Ahasuerus. Vashti was his first wife and in a position to change her society. However she did not obey the King. She refused to come into his presence when she was summoned. Her refusal to do so was a show of the highest disrespect.

Then Esther comes into the picture. She also went against the law of respecting the King. However, in her case it was by approaching him without being summoned. Both wives, in the eyes of the people were disrespectful to the King and broke the laws of the palace. Their actions put them in a position to be condemned to death.

King Ahasuerus could have punished Esther.What made the difference in the outcome of these two Queens?As we read about Esther’s actions we can see that she came with a broken heart after three days of fasting. She stood at the entrance to the inner court where the King could see her; yet she waited. When the King saw Esther she found favor in his eyes, and he extended the scepter for her to enter into is presence. This saved her from a death sentence.Not only did she find favor in the eyes of the King, not only did he spare her life but he was willing to give her whatever she asked for – including up to half of his kingdom. We the Bride of Yeshua can look at the example of these two Queens and ask ourselves how do we come into His Presence?

Esther was faced with coming into the King’s presence during a time of national crisis. How will we respond as we are faced with the unfolding events written in the word of God about the end times?And even in the crises around us now?Things are not going to be easy.How should we come into His Presence? Will we follow the example of Vashti coming with a heart of pride? Or of Esther who came with a humble heart?

Will we fight the good fight which Paul speaks of in 1 Timothy 1:18-20? Will our faith remain strong through fasting, prayer, worship and dedicating our life to Him? Will we be able to come into His Presence with a humble heart asking for His mercy for His people?

Will our faith be shipwrecked (1 Timothy 1:19) or will we rise up, coming out of the desert, to meet our beloved (Song of Songs 3:6; 8:5)? Solomon is the reflection of the Messiah, and the Shulamite is the Bride of Yeshua. Right now, I see us in the desert, in preparation for the last days when He looks upon us and we enter into His Presence.

Esther fasted for the salvation of her nation; this was her mindset, not for herself but for others, in humility.

Source: https://tikkun.tv/who-is-this-coming-out-of-the-desert/