Why, if the father is Jewish, is the child not considered Jewish?

Hello. I wanted to ask: why, if the father is Jewish, the child is not considered a Jew? Jewish blood also flows in him… Does this mean that he cannot observe Jewish traditions, pray in the synagogue? (Oksana)

Hello Oksana. Thanks for the question.

And I will ask the question: “In what society is a child not considered a Jew, whose only father is a Jew”? If the answer to my question is clear, then, automatically, much more will become clear.

If you pay attention to the origin of the patriarchs, you will notice the opposite of today’s criteria of Jewry… Abraham gave birth to Yitzhak, Yitzhak gave birth to Jacob… We know that Abraham and the offspring descended from his loins are considered the first Jew:

Genesis 15:4 And the word of the Lord came to him, and it was said, He will not be your heir, but he who comes from your body will be your heir. 5 And he brought him out and said, Look at the sky and count the stars, if you can number them. And he said to him: so many offspring will you have.

Sarah was the one to decide the issue of offspring, since Abraham also had another son born out of wedlock.

Genesis 17:15 And God said to Abraham, Do not call your wife Sarai, but let her name be Sarah; 16 I will bless her and give you a son by her; I will bless her, and nations will come from her, and kings of nations will come from her.

Nowhere is it written that from that moment on, Jewishness is passed down through the mother. On the contrary, everything remains as before. Yitzhak still gives birth to Jacob, despite the fact that Yitzhak’s wife was not a Jew, like Jacob’s wife. Can they (Yitzhak and Jacob) be considered non-Jews? Moshe’s children were not born of Jewish women. King David’s great-grandmother was a Moabite. So, Scripture, and hence GOD, recognizes as a Jew a child born of a Jewish father and a non-Jewish mother.

Who then established the criterion of Jewry? Those who claim to live according to the Torah are religious. Those who do not know it well, replacing it with rabbinic new teachings. So it has always been. They were constantly making up laws that God had no part in.

Luke 11:43 Woe to you Pharisees, because you love the seats in the synagogues and the greetings in the assemblies of the people. 44 Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, because you are like hidden tombs, over which people walk and do not know it. 45 At this one of the lawyers said to him: Master! By saying this, You offend us too. 46 But He said, Woe also to you lawyers, because you lay heavy burdens on people, and you yourselves do not even touch them with one of your fingers.

Modern Judaism, which established the law on Jewry, manages to present the picture in such a way that the Torah approved such a law. But you need to know that RABBINIC Judaism is an artificially created religious system, where many laws contradict the Bible. Many traditions of such Judaism are far from sound in general. It is filled with superstition, paganism and abomination in the eyes of God. Take a walk around Jerusalem and people with sidelocks and hats will offer you to buy red ropes (amulets) or the “eye of Fatima”. You can see the kissing of David’s tomb, where there is no David, since the Torah does not allow anyone to be buried in Jerusalem. Moreover, a corpse is unclean for a Jew.

Numbers 5:1 And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying, 2 Command the children of Israel to send out of the camp all the lepers, and all those with a discharge, and all that are defiled by the dead, 3 send both men and women, send them out of the camp, lest they defile the camps among whom I live.

So, it is necessary to decide whose statements are the authority and whose opinion is more important: the Bible or the Orthodox rabbis? As you can see, they are opposite. Also, it is not entirely clear from your question what traditions and what kind of synagogue are you talking about? Who can forbid praying or celebrating Shabbat?

Being Jewish and being Orthodox Jew are not the same thing. Messianic believers are independent of the opinions and rules of Rabbinic Judaism. We obey the Word of God, we oppose traditions that do NOT contradict Scripture, we love our people and Israel. And we recognize as a Jew a person born of a Jewish father and a non-Jewish mother. And let anyone who wants to pray to our God come to our synagogues, because the Lord suffered for this.

Eph.2:12 – Remember that at that time you lived without the Messiah. You were a stranger, not part of God’s people Israel. The promises God made to His people did not apply to you. You lived in this world without hope and without God! 13 And now, in union with Yeshua HaMashiach, you who were once distant have become close thanks to the sacrificial death of the Messiah. 14 For it is He who is our shalom, He who has united Jews and Gentiles into one people; With his body he destroyed the wall of enmity that divided us; 15 who repealed the Law with its statutes and rules

Source: Почему, если отец – еврей, ребенок не считается евреем? (ieshua.org)

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