Why is it dangerous to give in to doubt?

When we see God’s direct answers and miracles, God’s glory manifested in our lives and around us, we have no choice but to start praising the Lord. But if this does not happen, we may find ourselves at a crossroads: “Can I thank the Lord already or is it too early? Maybe I should wait for God’s glory to appear? ” And so we are like Israel, who came out of Egypt, but carried Egypt on his hump

Remember what happened to the grown up Jews who came out of Egypt but could not uproot Egypt from within. They went out with gold, silver and papyrus, the plagues did not touch them, the blood of the lamb protected them. And they came out with their heads held high, triumphant like a victorious army, though only yesterday they had been slaves. But as soon as they heard the hooves of the Egyptian horses behind them, they immediately fell into despair. They immediately fell from the height of the victorious army and became slaves. But not just slaves, but slaves who are ready to say goodbye to life because they realized that they have run away from their masters.

My personal experience of dealing with doubts

At one time I experienced a gradual release from my former owners – demons that I did not understand while living in the world. I thought that all the thoughts that come to me are mine, all the desires that I begin to consider, implement or postpone are my desires, all the plans that I build are my plans. I just didn’t realize that I was a slave and those Egyptian demons controlling me and guiding me through life had a little advice. They periodically decide which demon will run the operation at which time.

So when the Lord finally broke me, I surrendered to Him and was born of the Spirit of God, my eyes began to open and I realized who was controlling me. But understanding is one thing, getting rid of it is another. The demons began to move in earnest before I repented. When I repented and was not yet filled with the Holy Spirit, I did not have the strength to resist and celebrate the victory that God had already placed in my spirit. Demons began to use it on different levels – the level of flesh, spirit, memory and other things. And I had to go through a long staged release and preparation for the big explosive release that I experienced the day the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) came upon me and burst the bubble that I thought was me.

But along the way I had a period of severe doubt. First – doubts about the Torah. I struggled with these doubts for a long time, demolishing them, until finally the Lord had mercy and showed me how I am between the three spiritual pines. The next stage of doubt was in the books of the prophets. Then he switched to the New Testament … I generally managed.

It was only when the Holy Spirit brought me out of these terrible demonic doubts about the truth of God’s Word that I got hold of John Bunyan’s “Pilgrim’s Journey” and another book that had a simple and clear explanation of everything I had experienced a few months before. And I said, “God, why didn’t You give it to me when I first started suffering? Why was it only after You had given me the victory that You showed me that my experience is the experience of many people and that this battle is very easy to win?”

In response, the Holy Spirit said to me: “Listen, I finally brought you in and brought you out. But you meet quite a few people who are also suffering and they have no one to help them.”

It is better to never know freedom than to return to slavery

Soon a guy came to me and told me what thoughts and doubts tormented him, what difficult experiences he had gone through, how he doubted. For lay people, this is schizophrenia. But none of them even think that these are Egyptian demons who did not die in Egypt, but continue to act as if we had not left Egypt. It turned out that this young man was experiencing something similar to what I was experiencing. We discussed everything thoroughly together. And when he realized that the doubts the demons were giving him weren’t his doubts at all, his mind began to clear.

But then we met again and he said: “It seems that I have already begun to get freedom, and then this oppression came again, and this voice told me: “Well, yes, now you understand that it is not you, but me.” The demon who tormented him said: “I am satan. I’m a terrible prince. And you have only one way out: go back, stop praying to God and I will leave you alone.”

Israel experienced this for the first time on the shores of the Red Sea. “Moshe! Why are we here? Let’s go back, let’s give up.” This is very similar to the mindset of some Ukrainians. Demons come and say: “Come back! You see, God did not protect. The war has begun. Look at what the “liberators” have done. We should have given up right from the start.” Such people do not even care about basic logic. They say: “Look at how many horrors the Brotherhood has done. We should have just given up – and everything would have been fine .” In those places where Ukrainians surrendered, the occupiers showed what would happen to all of Ukraine if the country capitulated.

Moses tried to explain this to our ancient ancestors: “When you return to Egypt, you will not only become slaves, but you will become worse than slaves. You will become even lower than slaves.” The lowest slavery is when the slave became free in the Lord, breathed the air of freedom, began to see the glory of God, and then, surrendering to demonic thoughts, fears, feelings, desires and considering them his own, decided: “No, this price is too high, what I must to pay for freedom. We must submit to the old masters, we must return to the former well-fed and warm slavery.”

This low slavery is the slavery of backsliders who, having experienced the beauty of freedom, the glory of God, His presence and miracles, let the enemy once again throw the lasso around their necks and arrange a new round of mockery. Therefore, it is written that those who have known God’s grace and freedom from carnal, demonic slavery, those who went to the Lord and then returned to their old master, it would have been far better for them not to have known God at all.

Hold on to those who move on

Our Lord tried with all His might to free His people from this demonic mindset of Egypt. Moses told them at the Red Sea: “Stop complaining and murmuring. You are here so that the Lord can test you and show you even greater miracles.”

It is always very important to be with those who are ready to move on, even if we don’t feel like it ourselves. It is always very important that we are with the tribe of Yehuda. For, according to legend, the best men of the tribe of Yehuda went on when the greater part of Israel and the multitude of tribes that had joined them complained and despaired. As Nashon, the leader of the tribe of Yehuda, began to enter the Red Sea, Moses held out his staff. God’s power and Nashon’s bold faith combined, but not before the water reached his throat. Only then did he raise his hands and scream. And Moshe plunged his rod into the invisible darkness, and the sea parted. And then all Israel saw that God had not forsaken them, that there was a way out, and they had to go.

This is a very important point. There must always be people who go after God, even when something seriously threatens them. You must follow these people.

Don’t fall for the lies and use the power of Yeshua

All who have already experienced God’s faithfulness must go on and not succumb to the thoughts that this or that demon forces upon us and not assume that everything that comes into our heads is our own. Remember how Yeshua responded to the kind care of Peter, who said: “Do not let this happen to you, teacher!” Yeshua immediately saw satan and confronted not even Shimon-Peter but the enemy who stood behind him and put his thoughts into his head. He simply forbade satan to operate.

This is an example for us. Now we have power. When thoughts of evil, sin, fear, resentment, bitterness, malice, pride, and self-exaltation enter our minds, we must take the power we receive from the Messiah and deny these lies. Ban all those who try to infiltrate our souls. And our souls are no longer worldly, no longer devilish and no longer even our own. He is God’s!

You should never, under any circumstances, trust the enemy who says: “Listen, if you stop following God, stop praying, I’ll leave you alone.” He can do this for a while, but then he completely destroys the person. Because without prayer, without God’s family, without connection with the Lord, we become simply a miserable toy in his hands, backsliders full of cynicism, bitterness and even fear. Because fear attacks all apostates on one level or another.

This happened to the adult generation of Israel—everyone who was 20 years of age and older when they left Egypt. When God led them through the Red Sea, they rejoiced, triumphed, danced, sang, and shouted. When the waters closed, it can be said that the last execution of Egypt took place. They felt cool again. They were God’s favorites. They forgot the position they were in between Pharaoh’s army and the sea. And it’s good to remember that. Not to oppress yourself, but to remember:

1) only the Lord is the Savior, we cannot save ourselves;

2) one must always go forward in the name of the Lord and not turn away from Him;

3) we must continue the process of getting rid of the demons in Egypt.

The difference between the Exodus in the New Testament and Exodus

Yeshua’s New Testament exodus differed from the Old Testament exodus, among other things, in that when the resurrected Savior appeared to His disciples, they realized that they were no longer slaves. The Holy Spirit strengthened them when He descended upon them on the first New Testament Shavuot day. Since then, those who have seen the risen Lord and received the power of the Holy Spirit have ceased to fear.

They may have had doubts, but they knew from whom those doubts came. They may have felt fear, but they knew from whom those fears came. They may have been disappointed, but they knew who disappointed them. They might face darkness, but they had no doubt that it was not theirs, but the darkness of the devil and they had the strength and power to resist it. The reaction of the expatriate apostles and other disciples is completely different compared to the reaction of almost all of the adult Israel that left Egypt.

Friends, remember a simple thing. When the Lord appeared to His disciples, He did not hide from them their iniquity and weakness. He scolded them for it. But He did not leave them in despair. Rebuking them and leading them to simple repentance, He spoke the most important words to them:

“And Jesus said to them: “Go into all the world, preach the gospel to all creation! Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned. But believers are accompanied by such signs: in my name they cast out evil spirits, speak new languages, lift up poisonous snakes with their bare hands, and if they ran something deadly, it would not harm them; the sick on whom they lay their hands will be healed.” After the Lord [Jesus] had spoken to them, he was taken up into heaven and sat down at the right hand of God. But the disciples went out and preached everywhere, and the Lord supported them and confirmed the word with signs.]” (Mark 16:15-20).

From the letter to the Ephesians, we know that all who were joined to the Lord, He raised to the height of the heavens. And the manifestation of God’s gifts and God’s power this week will make many weak believers very calm in spirit and they will be ready not only to defeat the enemy, but also to bring many and many others to freedom.

The new covenant of the God of Israel with the people of Israel, and through them with all the people of the various nations, is indeed a new covenant. Those who make a new covenant with the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob will be renewed from within. They change. We have changed. We are not old, improved from the outside. We are new from the inside. And all the old that still clings to us will be burned and swept away by the wind of the Holy Spirit.

Boris Grisenko, Rabbi of KEMO (Kyiv Messianic Congregation).

A word from Shabbat KEMO April 22, 2023.

Source: Почему опасно поддаваться сомнениям? (kemokiev.org)

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