Why is Tarot not suitable for Christians?

“Kirkko ja Kaupunki” magazine had an article about a priest who used tarot cards. The article sparked a lot of discussion and a small uproar. There was a surprising amount of confusion about why the Tarot is not suitable for Christians.

What’s wrong with just a deck of cards? For many, it is an object like any other. In the light of Christianity, however, the matter is more complicated. There is not necessarily anything bad in itself in the mere object or in the usual playing with pictorial cards.

The problem arises when the cards are used for fortune-telling or to illuminate the present moment or as some kind of self-knowledge tool. Then they aim to get information that is not naturally possible for humans.

This violates the first commandment. God should be our security and wisdom. God’s grace should be enough for us. Besides that, we don’t need anything extra to secure our future or enlighten ourselves.

It is enough for a Christian to pray and leave his worries about the future in God’s hands. The use of tarot cards is therefore a question of mistrust in God’s guidance and mercy. In other words, it is idolatry, where God is not allowed to be God, but we seek information and security from some other source. Jesus knows best our whole innermost being, our soul and heart, our fears and worries. Trust Him and not any other entity that seeks to get secret information about the future or yourself.

In the end, predicting the future or revealing hidden things is always a matter of either deception or evil spirits. In both cases, it is spiritually damaging for the Christian. You shouldn’t play with these things. The Bible warns against divination, clairvoyance and all kinds of occult practices many times. When a deck of tarot cards is associated with such an activity, it is very understandable that many Christians do not want to have anything to do with these cards. This is a perfectly healthy reaction.

Someone can only consider this a limitation of strict fundamentalists. However, it is about the teaching of mainstream Christianity. For example, Pope Francis has spoken many times against the use of tarot cards: “How many of you go to pray with tarot cards to see your future? How many of you want a fortune teller to see the future instead of praying to God? God is living, the rest of these are idols that are of no use.”

If you have been using tarot cards for divination, it is still possible to repent. Confess your sins and from now on put your future in God’s hands. God can have mercy on you too.

Written by Santeri Marjokorpi.

Source: Miksi tarot ei sovi kristityille? – Seurakuntalainen