Why should Christians resist the demonic attraction of Halloween?

“Christians’ success depends largely on their ability to understand the work of the devil, as well as their understanding of how to defeat and drive him out in every situation.” – Michael Harper.
There have been many times in the last 25 years of ministry that I have had to deal with the witchcraft and evil that is celebrated during Halloween, and that is why I urge you to believe – if you take part in Halloween, you are in danger. Not everything is as innocent as it may seem, and there is no way to keep up with Halloween practices.
The stories I can tell you give you goosebumps. The demonic activities that are taking place around the world that night should prompt millions of Christians to pray more intensely.
We must understand that our primary task as Christians is to expose darkness. But strangely, instead of engaging in it under the anointing, joyful Christians — redeemed by the blood of Christ and worshiping a holy God — promote darkness in early October.
If we only realized how much evil is associated with this unclean feast, we would be shouting loudly about the danger and evil spirits that fill our culture. There are things we’ve had to entertain ourselves that, by their very nature, are putting another pound in Jesus’ hands.  Halloween is one such thing, and not only should we not participate in it, but we should do our best to destroy this satanic altar.
As believers, we should not flirt with the devil, but expose his lies. Instead of thinking about how to allow our children to celebrate the “holy” version of Halloween, we should understand that Halloween is first and foremost an opportunity for Christian parents to teach their children sanctification and how to resist evil in our society.
We must teach them to deny their flesh and resist the spirit of the world that tries to persuade them! I suggest ending all Christian alternatives to Halloween and instead making it clear that Christians have nothing to do with this demonic holiday.
We are not looking for an alternative to the night of murder and child abuse, but how can we try to achieve this on the night of sorcery? This is abomination.
In fact, I agree that Halloween is about murder and child abuse. Instead of looking for a safer alternative, gather your family for a night prayer. Pray for your city. Pray in spirit. Instead of ignoring these evening meetings of witches, we should confront them by meeting in evening prayer meetings. Instead of honoring the dead, we should pray for revival. We must stubbornly condemn the darkness and give up what attracts our younger generation. Reformers irritate both the church and the world, and unfortunately many Christians and Gentiles agree on this issue. We must reach holy resentment.
When I led the Awakening Church in Manitou Springs, Colorado, October 31 was one of my favorite nights. At a time when sorcery invaded the atmosphere of an extremely liberal city driven by this occultism, we immersed ourselves in intense fervent prayer both within the church itself and on the city streets.
Tom Sanguinette, a former high priest of the Celtic sorcers, said, “Halloween is absolutely evil and we cannot do anything to make it acceptable to Jesus.”
“And do not participate in the barren works of darkness, but, on the contrary, expose these works. It is even embarrassing to talk about what such people secretly do. But all in the secret becomes apparent, the light makes everything visible. That is why it is said: Awake, who sleeps! Arise from the dead – and Christ will enlighten you. ” (Ephesians 5: 11-14, New Russian Translation).
“When ye enter into the land which the LORD your God giveth you, ye shall not follow the manner of these nations. Let no man among you offer his son or daughter for a sacrifice of fire, and for divination, and for magic, and for the interpretation of signs, and for charms, for sorcery, or for evil, ”(Deuteronomy 18: 9-11).
The devils strategy is to trap people. And the basic idea is that a person trapped in this trap doesn’t even suspect it. He doesn’t even think it can happen. Halloween is not even a trap, it is an open invitation.
This is most shocking – the fact that Christians allow themselves to think about participating in Halloween in any form. Witches honor Halloween as their holy day. They often celebrate it in two stages. The first celebration is for “unknown” friends, usually the day before. The second celebration is held by witches and sorcerers on Halloween night, late at night, to avoid the children who are hunting for candy. When rituals are performed properly, participants often feel that invisible “friends” are taking part in the rituals. An experienced New Age belief researcher, Tax Mars, described the events that witches organize during Halloween: “Our own research shows that witches gather on this filthy night (halloween) to drink, dance, say a curses and incantations, summon spirits, participate in sexual orgies, invite new members to these activities, and sacrifice animals and people. (Witches have become very adept at hiding their victims through crematoria, as well as a privately owned plot of land to destroy the bodies by burying them.)

Therefore, what happens during Halloween must be made public. Think about why you have to wear costumes? It’s a nasty habit. On the evening of October 31, Celtic occult priests the Druids ordered the people to extinguish the fireplace in the house. Instead, the Druids set fire to a huge branch of oak, which they considered a sacred tree, in this fire they sacrificed animals, prey and people to their sun god Mak Olla and the death god Samhain. During this demonic ceremony, people dressed in costumes made of animal skins and wore animal heads. Then they predicted the future, jumped over the fire, said and danced. All this was done to scare away evil spirits.

“Beware of all evil” (1 Thessalonians 5:22). In fact, although children in costumes celebrate a night full of candy and fun, they are not so innocent. It is a call to darkness, but it is also a dangerous confirmation of how many evil spirits have unfolded in our world. The lives of many are at stake.

Dave Benois tells the story of a mother who found a strange diary called “The Book of Shadows” in her son’s room. She looked at this book filled with satanic drawings in horror and terror. Then her gaze rested on the words that caused her chills: “Last year during Halloween, I stole a car and ran over a child who later died. I plan to do the same this year! ” The words of satan’s diary turned out to be true. This young man is currently in prison. He killed the child by sacrificing it to satan.

“It is the night before the day of all saints. This is the night when evil spirits fly on earth. It is a night of necromancy and evocation of evil spirits. It’s a devilish night. The image of a toothless witch flying on a brush seems comical to many, but given the fact that witches of black magic exist, the rituals performed on Saints’ Day are not so comical. I’ve seen them. I’ve heard them. I know they exist ”(Unknown author).

The fortune tellers say that this evening they will do their best. For witches, Halloween is one of the four most important holidays, they call it the great or black Sabbath.

Yes, Halloween is the purest form of evil. More than ever, Christians have the opportunity tonight to be a light that exposes the works of darkness.

October 31st should be a prayer night, not a feast day.

Church, wake up and pray intensively for this darkening world. I strongly recommend doing this.

By John Burton / charismanews.com

Source: https://ieshua.org/pochemu-hristiane-dolzhny-protivostat-demonicheskoj-tyage-hellouina.htm