Why would God want to limit human sexuality? Pekka Arvio started to investigate and made a surprising discovery

Dentist Pekka Arvio in Hämeenlinna (Finland) started thinking about his idea of God as a being who wants to limit people’s sexual behavior three years ago.

– God is a rational creature. If He restricts a person’s sexuality, He must have a meaningful reason and justification for it.

Arvio began to think about what is related to time in the Bible and what is not.

– Jesus abolished many provisions of the Mosaic Law, but not those related to the moral law. The Church’s teaching has always been that the entire Bible, including Paul’s letters, is God’s speech to Christians everywhere in all ages.

In the same book he also read that before God’s holiness it is not a question of success or failure, but of grace.

Arvio is a church councilor of the Hämeenlinna parish, a member of the parish council and a deputy of the city council.

According to Arvio, the atmosphere of discussion in these communities is respectful, even if not all members of the city council understand his traditional Christian views.

In order to justify his views to himself and to the curious, he began to research what was taught about sexuality in the ancient world, and especially in Gnosticism and the early church. The findings were amazing.

– The Christians of the early church struggled with exactly the same things.

Modern Augustine

Arvio found a fragment from the work of the 4th-century church father Augustine, “Kingdom of God,” whose topicality was startling. Augustine wrote that “pagan religions preach liberation from the structures of creation set by the Creator and the merging of man with the divine. The aim is to free people from their guilt by erasing gender difference and undermining the meaning of marital fidelity.”

– The early church overcame this paganism and western civilization developed from it.

According to the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas, any woman who changes herself to be a man can enter the kingdom of heaven. The Gnostics believed that the sexes were united in God and their teaching represented primordial gender and sexuality.

– The ideology of gender neutrality is rooted in the ancient androgynous ideal.

In the 18th century, the Christian conception of man was challenged by the Age of Enlightenment, which emphasized reason and knowledge. Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the great philosopher of the era, proposed that evil and suffering were caused by the limitations and moral rules imposed by civilization. When a person develops intellectually and morally, he discovers the original “noble savage” in himself.

Marxism, on the other hand, sought to create a new man through revolution. Capitalism and Christianity had enslaved and alienated man, who was naturally good and free.

“The goal of Marxism was to restore the original man,” says Arvio.

Friedrich Engels, a fellow student of Karl Marx, considered polygamy and group marriage to be the original family forms. Later, newer theorists of Marxism began to modify communist ideals so that they were suitable for breaking into the Christian culture.

The aim of the Marxists of our time is also to gain influence in churches, educational institutions and the media.

Arvio also has a word to say about Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis: “He is no longer very relevant, but one of his ideas has survived: achieving sexual self-fulfillment is a prerequisite for happiness.”

Oppression of the ruling class

On the other hand, Freud’s student, the Austrian psychiatrist Wilhelm Reich, argued that the traditional family model and the church were instruments of oppression by the ruling class.

– According to Reich, faith in God can be broken by sexually liberating a person.

Arvio sees lines from ancient Gnosticism to modern intersectional feminism behind the change in social values in Finland.

– The mainstream is to think that gender is not based on biology, but on experience, that a person is not the result of creation, but of evolution, and that a person’s identity is the result of a constantly changing collective process.

“We have next generation to correct our course.”

According to Arvio, there is currently a battle of values, the aim of which is to break the foundations of society, destroy Judeo-Christian morality and reject the traditional model of marriage and family.

– According to Carle C. Zimmerman, who worked as a sociologist at Harvard University, the factor that best explains the rise and fall of cultures is the family.

British social anthropologist J.D. Unwin studied the social effects of sexual liberation based on extensive material. He observed that the collapse of society was preceded by sexual liberation three generations earlier.

Why, according to Arvio, should God restrict people’s sexual behavior?

– Because increased freedom in this area weakens the vitality of society and freedom does not increase people’s happiness. History and many studies show this. We have next generation to correct our course.

Author: Danielle Mietinen.

Source: Miksi Jumala haluaisi rajoittaa ihmisen seksuaalisuutta? Pekka Arvio ryhtyi tutkimaan ja löysi yllätyksen – Seurakuntalainen

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