Wonderful creature… 💕💕

When God created a woman, His working day lasted until late at night.

The angel asked, “Why are you struggling with her for so long?” God replied, “Because she has to meet so many parameters. She has more than two hundred moving parts, all of which must be interchangeable, she must function with all kinds of food, she must be able to hug several children at the same time and heal all the troubles, from the beaten knee to the broken heart – all with one pair of hands. ”

The angel was speechless in amazement, “With just a few hands – it’s not possible!”

“I am proud of her myself,” God said.

The angel touched the woman. “She is so gentle and soft.”

“Yes she is gentle. But at the same time, she is very strong, ”God replied. “You have no idea how much she can handle. For example, when she becomes ill, she heals himself. And she can work eighteen hours or more a day. ”

“Can she think?” the angel asked.

“Not only to think, but also to persuade and reach agreements,” God replied. The angel stroked the woman’s cheek. “I think she’s leaking.”

“She is not leaking. These are tears, ”God said.
“What are they for?”
“With tears, she expresses her sadness and doubts, her love and loneliness, her worries and her joy.”

The angel was shocked. “You are a genius. You have everything thought through. A woman is truly a wonderful being! ”

“That’s right,” God said. “The strength of a woman is incomprehensible to men. She can cope with all worries and endure all the difficulties of life. She has happiness, love and understanding. She smiles when she wants to yell; sings when she wants to cry. She cries for happiness and laughs in fear. She sacrifices herself for the sake of her family and children. Her love is unconditional. She has only one drawback: she often forgets what riches she has. ”

Unknown author