Words To Use For Worship And Praise

Worship: talking about something in  a superlative way  – singing a praise song!

Word thank you in Estonian Aitäh! (is a compound word for: help Jehovah.. researched by Aime Piirsalu) does not  express worship or thanksgiving! Also Russian words like blagodarju (to do good) and spasiibo! (save God).  These everyday words have come from these meanings. But it is not accurate. Although these words are prayer words!

Words that express thanking God are thank you or give praise. But words, praise, worship, glorify are best that you can use to express to God your respect, honor and deepest gratitude!

Antonym to the words respect and honor is  disdain! Also silence is a sign of bitterness. With the help of God figure out whether you worship or disdain! Bitterness and discontentment produces crumbling but crumbling is followed by untimely death!

Pastor Paul Armand