Yury Sipko: Well, the devil wins? Where is God?

The meanness of time is depressing. Total lies dry up the soul.

The military operation destroyed peace with the people of Ukraine, divided the Ukrainian and the Russian brotherhood. Not the front line, not bombs and not border checkpoints closed the way to the hearts of Ukrainian brothers and sisters! The lies and meanness of those in power are destroying the unity of believers in Russia.

A huge number of Christians were captured by Russian nationalism, expressing their readiness to destroy Ukraine and its people. Spouses, poisoned by lies, overfed with hatred, lose the ability to love and turn into oppositional enmity with each other. Members of the Body of Christ, filled with the same Spirit, born of the Blood of the Savior, suddenly stood up against each other in fighting stances, forgetting about the peace, about brotherly love and about the sacrificial love of Christ. The passion to please the demonic power took possession of the minds and souls. Belief in the Kingdom of Heaven turned out to be a fiction. Earthly patriotism is above all.

The gospel message goes to the sidings. The agenda is filled with reports from the fronts. The government continues to whip up hatred for Ukraine, for the whole world, inciting a thirst for revenge among the people, subordinating the minds of simple-hearted people to the aggressive rhetoric of evil. Fear fills the air in Russia with a gloomy veil.

The army of demons in its death agony led its adepts into the final battle. Satanic armies seduced hundreds of thousands of people, captivated their minds with hatred, thirst for murder and they went to destroy Ukrainian cities, kill people, destroy schools, hospitals and churches. This is the work of the devil, waging long-standing battles with God. Despondency flourishes. Faith is fading! The purpose of life and ministry is lost in the black fog of the burning cities of Ukraine. So does the devil win? Do lies and death reign with impunity?

Where is God?

But the Lord is still with us. With us who trust in the Lord in Russia and with us who trust in the Lord in Ukraine! He is with us, at the bedside of our dying son. He is with us, in the prison cell. He is with us when confusion from surging problems drains our strength. The Lord is with us under the ruins of bombed-out schools, hospitals and dwellings.

He is with us when we die of wounds. He is with us when we, running away from death, seek shelter in the homes of compassionate Europeans.

The Lord is with us when waves of doubt wash over our boat. The Lord is with us when our friends betray us. The Lord is with us when we did not notice the danger and got into trouble. The Lord is with us when we leave the earth on our deathbed. And such a confidence makes us happy always and everywhere! Happiness to you, my blessed friends! Because God loves you!

Rom 8:32 “He who did not spare His own Son, but gave Him up for us all, how will He not with Him also give us everything?”

Yuri Sipko, ex-chairman of the RS ECB

Source: https://ieshua.org/yurij-sipko-chto-zhe-dyavol-pobezhdaet-gde-zhe-bog.htm

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