Yuri Sipko: Why is mobilization tragically stupid?

The other day I was reading the Bible. The book is super. It’s about the times past and about the future.

In the Bible one can see how the plans of the mighty are destroyed and how the humble triumph.

God rules over the world! Here is for an example one episode:

“Yet having learned who Mordecai’s people were, he scorned the idea of killing only Mordecai. Instead Haman looked for a way to destroy all Mordecai’s people, the Jews, throughout the whole kingdom of Xerxes. (Esther 3:6).

It has happened in history. Haman seems to have figured everything out. Let’s destroy this plague. So that no Ukrainians, oh, sorry, Jews will never appear anywhere else. The emperor liked the idea. But not everything is in the hands of Haman. And not everything is in the hands of the emperor. There is also a certain power unknown to Haman and to the emperor. And Haman had to hang on a high pole. As a warning to all. But not everyone is able to raise their heads so high. Not everyone has read the Bible!

Our people do not read the Bible.

They fought in Afghanistan for ten years. And also against the West. Everything happened there.

But there was no mobilization.

In Ukraine, in six months, they lost everything and everyone so much that they had to announce mobilization.

Of course, partial, but how.

No one will mobilize employees of the presidential administration.

And the government will not go under mobilization.

The State Duma bureaucrats will not go.

The police and prosecutors will not go.

All sorts of FSBs and FSEs will not go.

Their children and relatives will not go.

But they could have carried out a partial mobilization and call on these arsonists to search for the fatherland in Ukraine. After all, it was they who inflamed hatred, threatening to sweep Ukraine off the face of the earth in three days. But!

Those who do not need this operation go under mobilization. They have not lost anything in Ukraine. They won’t find anything there.

Therefore, all this mobilization is tragic stupidity.

It’s time to stop. Cover the guns that are left and return to home. If there is anyone left to return. For even those who are not mobilized are fleeing. Shame and disgrace. They brought the country to such a disgrace that citizens are fleeing from it in droves wherever their eyes see.

Lord, protect Ukraine!

Yuri Sipko, ex-chairman of the RS ECB (Union of Christian Baptists of Russia).

Source: https://ieshua.org/yurij-sipko-pochemu-mobilizatsiya-eto-tragicheskaya-glupost.htm