Miracle in Ukraine

Shabat Shalom dear friends, I would like to tell and share with you a story that happened just a few days ago.

I received a phone call from my father, who lives in the town of Vassilevka in the Zaporozheski region and their town was hit by  missiles from the enemy. He called me and I realized he was in a state of shock. He had left home and barely a few minutes later a rocket hit his house.

I was also shocked by all this for a few minutes, but I realize it’s not just a coincidence that my father left the house. I believe it is God’s grace upon him and his life. I also told him so that he would understand that this is not a coincidence or an accident, but in reality God in His grace made you go out and then what happened happened.

This story, and there are many other similar stories spreading today about how the Lord actually protects us. We pray, we trust in God and God will protect us and our loved ones.

My father does not know God personally at this point of time, but the Lord has nevertheless revealed His grace.

Therefore, friends, I want to encourage everyone to actively trust in God, to pray and to be a light to those who do not yet know God and God is actually working. This protection is over our church, our homes, extends to our loved ones and those who do not yet know God personally.

Therefore, friends, shalom be with you all, I encourage you, I bless you and let the Lord bless each of us and our loved ones mightily.

Source: (1) Борис Грисенко | Facebook (from Boris Grisenko’s facebook page)