How Bach could do it?

“Do you know that Bach lost his young daughter, and then three sons, and then his wife Maria-Barbara?” says Nathan.
– No.
-“Then he and his second wife, Anna Magdalena, lost four more daughters and three sons. Eleven beloved children … Many researchers wondered: how did Bach manage to survive these losses? Why didn’t he stop breathing, why didn’t his heart stop beating? And most importantly – how could he continue to write music? Cantatas, cello suites, masses, concertos… The most beautiful music the world has ever heard. Do you know how he could? I will tell you.
– So how is it?
– Note by note… At the end of the score, he always wrote “Soli Deo gloria” (“glory to God alone”), and at the beginning – “Lord, help.” Therefore, you can play Bach only by praying: you play – as if you are praying.