Prophetic Dream: The Father Wants to Comfort You Right Now

I recently had a prophetic dream through which Heavenly Father touched me in a special way. In this dream, I went to the door, on which hung a sign – “Comfort”. After I opened this door, I found myself in a completely different world and a different reality, filled with sunlight, bright colors, angels and heavenly beings. I felt a fresh breath that touched the depths of my soul. Everything I saw and felt was just amazing.

When I began to look around, I noticed thousands of colorfully wrapped gifts. They all had gift bows. Curious, I approached one of the gifts and immediately heard the voice of the Lord saying the following:

“I am the God of all comfort. I have created comfort. I am its author. You must understand that once the Garden of Eden was the great embodiment of My comfort on earth, but because of the choice that humanity made, I sent the only and complete expression of My comfort, My Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. You should always remember that the adversary, the real enemy of mankind, is always trying to push people to reject My comfort, because he knows the power of people who want to receive comfort from Heavenly Father. When humanity rejects My comfort, it thereby does not want to know this side of My character and My nature. Satan was in the Garden of Eden, he was in the time of My Son Jesus and today he continues to lie and prevent mankind from receiving My comfort.”

When God said this, supernatural illumination filled my mind and heart and I wept like a little child. I can’t even fully explain how these words of God the Father served me in my dream. What God has just said has somehow brought great relief and understanding to the whole fallen nature of mankind. I felt as if I had become a representative of a huge number of people.

God the Father continued to speak to me:

“I have given mankind consolation as a gift to alleviate the suffering and sorrow that comes into everyone’s life. I want you, Jeremiah, to ask humanity a few questions from Me. Ask them:

Are you willing to receive My comfort today?

Will you choose not to harden your heart and turn away from the love that only I can give?

Will you give Me your bitterness, unforgiveness and anger?

My comfort is like a veil. It absorbs pain and is the best medicine you can take.

Jeremiah, the coming days on this earth will be filled with grief, pain and suffering as humanity continues to rebel against each other. Terrorist attacks and the shedding of innocent blood will only multiply. Premature death and the loss of loved ones will break the hearts of many. There will be great lamentation and suffering. But in the midst of this pain, never forget the place I have prepared for you in the future. I offer eternal abode to all those who believe and trust in my Son. When we reign and rule together in eternity, there will be no more pain, no more suffering and no more tears.

But will humanity accept this gift of comfort that I offer today?

Will humanity want to experience My presence and love like never before?

I extend My comfort today to all who are grieving, to all those who are sad and lonely, to all who are depressed, who are disappointed and to those who are heartbroken – accept the gift of My comfort today, and remember to look forward to that moment when we meet face to face,” says Heavenly Father.

When I woke up, tears were running down my cheeks, and the warmth of God’s presence filled my whole being.

May the God of all comfort minister to the hearts of many through this prophetic dream.

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