Word for believers in Ukraine: You will cross to the other side

We all know the story of how Yeshua was in the boat with His disciples and calmed the storm (Matthew 8:23-27; Luke 8:22-25; Mark 4:35-41). We in America often preach from this Scripture. The message of these teachings is that storms happen in each of our lives and Yeshua can help us. This is true. But I decided to study this passage in Greek and this is what I found.

A storm of a different scale

First, it says “great storm”, moreover, in Mark 4:37 a word is used that means earthquake (Greek σεισμὸς μέγας / sismos megas – “great earthquake, commotion, storm” in Matthew 8:24; λαῖλαψ μεγάλη / lelaps megali – “great storm, hurricane” in Mark 4:37). So this was no ordinary storm.

There are 12 apostles in the boat. At least four of them were experienced fishermen and before that they had passed more than a dozen storms. For their profession, this is a common occurrence. But they couldn’t handle the storm – they panicked and woke up Yeshua. Because it was an unusual, big and strong storm.

That’s what I would like to say to the Ukrainians. Storms are normal for every believer. But you, my dear Ukrainian friends, are now going through a storm of a different magnitude. This is an incredibly dangerous storm. We have storms in America too – we have enough problems, but we don’t go through war.

Many people ask: “God, why? Why Ukraine?” But here’s my personal advice: don’t ask why. It will only depress you. This is how the human mind works: you think about one bad thing, something else comes to mind and it gets worse and worse.

Pillow of Faith and Confidence in God’s Love

So, a very big storm and Yeshua is sleeping. During the day He worked very hard and He needs to rest. He sleeps on a pillow at the back of the boat (synod. Russian translation “on the head”, Greek ἐπὶ τὸ προσκεφάλαιον / epi to proskefaleon – “on the pillow”).

Do you know what the pillow symbolizes? Your faith. The only way to rest in the midst of the storm is to have faith. The only way to live without fear and worry is with faith. In your case, you can get a good night’s sleep only if you put your head on the pillow of faith.

The apostles panic, they wake up Yeshua: “Yeshua, save us! What do you care?!” You see, the apostles didn’t have faith and they didn’t understand that Yeshua loved them. Because if they understood that, they wouldn’t ask Him, “Does it matter to You that we’re perishing?” Therefore, they did not yet have a revelation of His love. Finally, Yeshua gets up, forbids the winds, forbids the storms and denounces the apostles.

Look to Yeshua, call on Him and do like He

They were in a difficult situation and you are in a difficult situation. You do not have ordinary everyday problems, you are faced with something incredibly difficult. But what to do? Let’s see what the apostles did.

First, they looked to Yeshua. Yeshua was with them in the boat. He is with you now in the boat. But He is not only in your boat – in your circumstances. He is in you! Christ in us is the hope of glory. Look to Yeshua!

Secondly, they called out to Him. Cry to Him, but not like the apostles, without faith. Because you have faith. Call on Him with your faith!

Third, do what Yeshua did. He stood up, spoke a word of faith and rebuked this terrible storm. Yeshua has already done everything for us. Now it’s our part to take that power and authority that He has given us and use it in His name, in that very name that is above all names and forbid the winds, forbid the earthquake, forbid this hurricane.

I give you a guarantee that if you do this, you will get the same result as Yeshua: The Bible says that a great silence has come.

You will cross over to the other side and receive a new revelation

At the beginning of this story, Yeshua said, “Let’s cross over to the other side of the Lake of Galilee” (see Mark 4:35; Luke 8:22). That’s what I want to tell you. If you’ll look to Yeshua, cry out to Him and do what He did, whatever the problem, whatever the storm, you’ll cross over to the other side. Because Yeshua said: “Let’s cross over to the other side.” And we are in the same boat with Yeshua: He is in us, and we are in Him.

The bigger the problem, the bigger the miracles. Nobody loves storms, but everyone loves miracles. It was a miracle that they crossed over to the other side, just like Yeshua said. Believe in Yeshua and you will cross over to the other side – you will get through this war.

After Yeshua performed this incredible miracle, the apostles said, “Wow! Even the winds and the sea obey Him!” (see Matthew 8:27; Mark 4:41; Luke 8:25). They received a great new revelation about Yeshua: He controls the weather and the sea. Friends, you will cross over to the other side. This deliverance will be great. The miracle will be great. But more importantly, your greatest reward will be a new revelation of Him.

The Lord will take care of each of you. He will protect and bless everyone. You will experience deliverance, healing and miracles. Because He is in you. He won’t let you down. He cannot fail. He loves you. He gives you faith. You can go with him and whatever.

Brothers and sisters, you will cross over to the other side. And you will have a new revelation of Him. You will love Him even more than before. You will praise Him like never before. This is a completely new relationship. You will fall in love with Him again. He will be El Shaddai for you. Alleluia!

Rick Correlli, pastor and prophet, USA.

October 22, 2022.

Source: Слово для верующих Украины: Вы переправитесь на другой берег (kemokiev.org)

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